Equipment Finance

With access to our diverse range of lenders Reform Financial are able to
organise equipment finance so you can expand your business.

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Our aim is to build long-term relationships with our clients by providing them with expertise and access to a wide range of Equipment Finance Products.

If the equipment/asset is used to conduct any of your business operations, be it new or second hand, from a dealer or private vendor, we are able to assist with finance options.

Reform Financial can offer you structured Equipment Finance transactions that are suited to your business requirements, depending on your operations.

Additional options compared to what one financier can provide. We have access to a wide range of Financiers that include core financiers (the major Bank’s) and a number of boutique lenders who specialise in assets that a Bank would generally not finance without additional security.

We can provide finance for a majority of equipment and assets used to complete your

business operations. A broker may be able to finance equipment that would otherwise require additional security.

What funding methods or products are available?

There are a number of different ways to finance your equipment purchases. We have access to, and experience with, all of the different methods available to finance new equipment including:

  • Rental Agreements
  • Finance Leasing
  • Commercial Hire Purchase/ Asset Purchase
  • Sale & Hire / Lease Back
  • Operating Lease
  • Novated Lease
  • Chattel Mortgage/ Commercial Loan
Please go to our Contact Us page and get in contact to discuss how we can tailor the ideal finance package for you and your business.